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  • Commercial playground rides, overall project planning must do

    I. Determining the nature of the project, the market research and analysis of the nature of the project: 1. Direct profitable management of the playground core research six elements: business environment, consumption flow, consumption capacity, competition project, competitive cost, revenue forecast 2, Indirect profit-type drainage raw playground core research five elements: industry analysis, competition dimension, audience analysis, conversion goals, benefit prediction 2. According to market research, the core pain points of the project is determined, and the project positioning of projects from flow to transformation is preliminy. Solution: 1. A playground for operating the nature: Solve 4 core pain points of operators - how to achieve high conversion rate, how to achieve high repo rate, how to implement the introduction rate; solve the 7 cores of the audience Pain - high playability, physical and mental health, comfortable environment, safety, consumption, intimate service, value-for-money experience 2, drainage properties \"Solve the 4 core pain points of the operator -

  • What are the attention of the children's park?

    Children 'education has become the most important thing for each family. In order to make your child grow up healthily, parents will make their efforts to make them happiness. Now choosing a child to go to the child park to play has become a trend. On the one hand, parents can be more secure, on the other hand, a good child park can bring a positive impact on the growth of children, which is also the current meaning of the Children's Park.

  • Jungle Adventure Reliefaculture

    What are the dedicated project selection of outdoor parent-child tour and outdoor expansion? The jungle adventure has sufficient attraction to most people, and the children's population is also true. To a large extent, they are known as the excellent choice for parent-child tourism. The main reason is to choose a classic inactive rides based on the jungle adventure project. These roller facilities can not only play the entertainment theme features, but also produce a certain active exercise. Parents and children can participate together to form a good interaction. These unimplement amusement facilities that are suitable for the jungle have brought multiple experiences with their own traits, providing our amateur life, and investigating what kind of amusement facilities that are suitable for jungle adventures. This article contains the following: 1. Entertainment function 2, exercise development 3, security

  • Three characteristics

    In addition to basic green plantings, the routine building and other conventional buildings and other conventional buildings must be integrated with various functions, and the living entertainment sectors are increasingly valued, especially for teenagers, and the atmosphere of parent-child interaction. Most of the communities, communities have been introduced by rides, such as slides, swings and other equipment have long been home, then, in addition to these amusement facilities, what is suitable for community positioning? The new typeless unloaded equipment is actually the door class. In many amusement facilities, you can meet the needs of the community amusement as long as you meet these three features: 1, small and medium-sized facilities 2, parent-child mutual entertainment atmosphere 3, quality safety 1, small and medium-sized facilities It is recommended to choose small and medium-sized community entertainment facilities. Reasons are very simple: small and medium-sized non-power equipment cost is more acceptable, the combined equipment cost in large-scale theme park is actually suitable for the size of the community, from the venue, space, surrounding construction landscape

  • How to do a good job of daily maintenance of the slide

    Kindergarten, park, community, playground, large business super, scenic area, villa ... slide almost everywhere. Slide is one of the children's favorite outdoor toys, so how do you do your daily maintenance and maintenance? Amusement facilities are regulated by standards, at least every 15 days, maintaining maintenance, maintenance operators to deal with large-scale amusement facilities, monthly inspection, quarter inspection, annual inspection, and fill in related records. 1. Before opening, the staff should check the slide, and the passengers may not be allowed to expose sharp edges, sharp corners, burrs, etc.. There is no crack, deformation, break, etc., it should be repaired immediately when an abnormality is found. 2. Stack the dust of the slide appearance should be cleaned regularly with detergent to ensure the smoothness of the surface of the slide. 3. If you encounter hail, you should use the ribbon to cover the slide in advance to ensure that the slide surface is damaged by hail. 4, when the slide is stopped for a long time, the application color bar will

  • How much is the outdoor amusement facility?

    When the indoor children's paradise has developed to a saturation period, such as outdoor large non-standard amusement equipment has new trends, the stability of the market, the demand, leading to many manufacturers, so investing in an outdoor ride, how much ? Next, I will slowly talk to everyone. I. There are many people in the current society to operate several play projects independently in some tourist scenic spots, so that the number of tourists in the scenic spot increases, so investors want to add several large-scale amusement facilities, but large-scale amusement facilities on the market. The price is relatively high, so many investors hold the attitude of watching, hesitate to decide, want to put large rides into the market to the bottom value? Second, the current social tourist attraction In addition to the naturally formed landscape attracts tourists, the corresponding supporting amusement facilities are an important basis for tourists' choices. Because there is a tourist attraction, the tourists who have basically playing are basically a family, or Little couple, or

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