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  • How to judge the quality of an outdoor stainless steel slide

    Stainless steel slides are very common in kindergartens, children's paradise, etc., which is a kind of equipment for the long time in the slide, and a children who are very fond of children. So how do you judge the quality of an outdoor stainless steel slide? This article contains: 1. Design is reasonable 2, no sharp part 3, manufacturers' qualifications and success cases 1. Whether the design is reasonable to buy stainless steel slides to play to your child. If the design is unreasonable, the child is easily injured. So when you purchase, you must consider whether you meet the standards of your child climbing, whether the durability meets the standard, whether the material is high quality. Second, there is no sharp part of the child who does not pay attention to the danger when playing, as a parent and teacher, should consider this problem. In the process of playing the slide, any sharp part, such as screws, must hide, so as not to scratch the child's clothes, scratch the child's skin, so that the child is subject to

  • How should stainless steel slide?

    With the advancement of technology, the quality of children's play equipment, the figure of stainless steel slides appear in people's field of view, and it has been favored by more and more people. So for the stainless slide, many people have a question: how much is the stainless slide? How to choose? Since there will be some small details in the process of purchasing stainless steel slides, these small details will often lead to eventually unavoidable losses, so let me mean that you will buy stainless steel slides. First, from the raw material, consider his strength, unexpected, and the environmental performance of the material, put safety environmental protection in the first place. Stainless steel slide, all use 304 stainless steel, 304 you will not be unfamiliar, because 304 materials of stainless steel are widely used in the tableware, the safety is unquestionable, followed by the material performance more stable, no fading, Smooth surface, more suitable for the slide,

  • Stainless steel child slide advantage

    Stainless steel children's slide is one of children's sports activities, install ladders on the elevated side of the elevated side, and the other side is mounted, and the child goes from the ladder and slides from the oblique plate. It is common in children's play equipment. The advantages of stainless steel slides include: 1, plasticity 2, can create high-rise, multi-purpose 3, more stable performance, more safe and reliable, plasticity, plastic slide, everyone generally thinks about smooth down (or tube slide ), The stainless steel child slide can shape its shape into multiple S-shaped, curved, halftone shape, cross sparra, etc. according to the needs of customers, and if the needs of customers can be covered on the outer table of stainless steel children's slide Cover, etc., the stainless steel children's slides are more loved by children in actual life. Second, can create high-rise, multi-purpose and traditional plastic children's slide, stainless steel quality is widely used. At present, manufacturers generally slide stainless steel children.

  • How should I choose a stainless steel slide?

    How should I buy a stainless steel slide correctly? If you don't know, this article allows you to simply understand the probability of choosing inferior slides when purchasing stainless steel slides. The following is a way to buy stainless steel slides: 1. Stainless steel slide manufacturers 2, product price 3, appearance 4, size 5, after-sales service 1, stainless steel manufacturers best first check this stainless steel manufacturer is formal, to check The method is to check if this stainless steel manufacturer has the corresponding business certificate, as well as through some specific domestic websites, such as domestic business websites, etc. You can determine that this manufacturer is regular, so you can make you feel more assured when you purchase this manufacturer. When you can't get information about this manufacturer, try not to buy the manufacturer's product because you know it.

  • For investors, these children's play new momentum should be aware of

    For investors, these children's play new momentum should be aware that many people will not feel unfamiliar, because it is an additive for children to grow, many parents are also happy to let children participate. There are already many types in our city. For investors, you should know the new trend of its industry development, so you can grasp the biggest profit of the market.

  • Which services are generally provided by stainless steel slides? Mainly following three points

    Which services are generally provided by stainless steel slides? With the hot development of amusement equipment, many kindergartens and shopping malls are introduced into the slides. The kindergarten slides can make children happy play. It is a very good ride, not only adding children's cohesiveness, but also leads children to do some. Slide activities, while shopping malls can attract more consumers through slides, can set up large stainless steel slides in several layers, and some parent-child activities are carried out, which is very good marketing.

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