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Stainless steel slide

These are related to the Stainless steel slide news, in which you can learn about the latest trends in Stainless steel slide and related information industry, to help you better understand and expand Stainless steel slide market.
  • What are the advantages of stainless steel slide?

    Stainless steel children's slide is a children's sports equipment, the ladder on the side of the high shelf, while the slant board is slid down from the ladder, slide down from the slam. It is common in children's play facilities. The reason why the stainless steel slide can be welcomed, because a few advantages make it ahead, what is the advantages?

  • Which services are generally provided by stainless steel slides? Mainly following three points

    Which services are generally provided by stainless steel slides? With the hot development of amusement equipment, many kindergartens and shopping malls are introduced into the slides. The kindergarten slides can make children happy play. It is a very good ride, not only adding children's cohesiveness, but also leads children to do some. Slide activities, while shopping malls can attract more consumers through slides, can set up large stainless steel slides in several layers, and some parent-child activities are carried out, which is very good marketing.

  • Non-standard landscape amusement creative stainless steel slide

    The purpose of buying a stainless steel slide is to play for the child. If the design is unreasonable, it is easy to present the child's injury. Therefore, when the parents or the head of the garden are looking at it, they must consider whether they can match the standard of the child's climbing and playing. Whether the materials can be of high quality, etc., a reasonable design can not only stimulate children's interest and hunger, but also effectively prevent accidents. Two: arousing interest to cultivate courage Stainless steel slides can bring victory and joy to children. In the process, they can also stimulate children's hunts, let children dare to explore, cultivate the talents and self-confidence to deal with problems independently in the future, and stimulate children's knowledge. want. And the stainless steel slides need to go down from a height, so that children can exercise their courage and perseverance while feeling the victory. Three: communication and socialization In the process of playing the stainless steel slide, happy children are inevitably assisted and communicated, so that they can better blend together and

  • Children's playground indoor combination trampoline equipment Guizhou Anshun case

    The Baineng and Yiyi Youth Fashion Sports Center is located in the Baineng Sports Center on the northwest side of Shanlongting, Beihang Road, Anshun City. The trampoline hall covers an area of ​​195 square meters. The designer creates a novel trampoline pavilion in the British style, which contains a sponge pool (one of the most popular trampoline projects for young people), a boss (using the face-to-face running, easy to complete the inverted), and a slanting squat Face (use the tendency of the face to easily complete the back flip), free face (let us easily off the ground) and so on. Is a comprehensive sports hall for teenagers and children.

  • How to create a children's play garden that even adults like?

    When the children come to the yard, the backyard is no longer a little paradise for you to relax, the children will turn the yard into a small stadium, playful playground and even a bicycle play area. The original perfect natural world is often encroached on by plastic toys and climbing facilities...but don't worry too much~ this issue will share 10 small tricks, turning your garden into an adult and you will like it at the same time. It is also a paradise for children~1. Keeping nature is usually not necessary to buy specific items for children to play with. Use your imagination to create a simple play area with natural materials. For example, you can use a stump to lay out a very natural and interesting game area (also a seating area). If you feel that the stump has certain obstacles that may cause danger, you can also arrange a simple Ting step on the lawn, which is simple and entertaining. You can also enjoy a strong entertainment atmosphere on Tingbu.

  • What outdoor play equipment is more suitable for real estate?

       Real estate wants to successfully attract the interest of buyers, it needs a superior geographical location, high green coverage, and complete supporting equipment. Of course, for some families with children, whether the community has amusement equipment for children to play is also one of the important factors that affect the choice of buyers. So, what are the amusement equipment that are suitable for real estate and are more popular with children?

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