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Swing combination slide

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  • Where is the combination slide assembly map? How to choose a combination slide!

    In the process of playing the slide, the children can feel the stimulation from the height, and the baby's tactile development can be improved. Nowadays, slides can be seen in many places, and many combination slides have already appeared since simple simplification. It meets the needs of the baby's more beautiful and comprehensive needs. The assembly diagram of the slides can be seen in some places on the Internet. For some reference, there are a number of aspects that need to be considered comprehensively when selecting a combination slide.

  • Buy a children's swing slide combination, how to solve the installation troubles?

    How to solve the installation troubles when buying a children's swing slide combination? Now I can mention the children's big hobbies. There is definitely a combination of children's swings and slides. Just a combination of movement and quiet, so that children can experience different fun. So now that everyone has purchased the children's swing slide combination, the installation has become a very troublesome thing, often the parts are scattered and eventually failed to install successfully. This is really not a very easy thing. Many times, the professional masters need to spend a lot of time on the installation problems, let alone buy them back. Although the detailed installation method is very clear in the manual, everyone will still find it very difficult. Generally, many of our parents and friends, or the staff of the installation equipment of the amusement park, can not be installed in a short time. This is really a lot of trouble for many of us.

  • "Wan Yu Raiders" makes you swing the swing TV series with amusement equipment scenes, do you know what?

    As a mature amusement equipment industry, the scenes of playground TV dramas have appeared on the screen in recent years. The side also reflects that the amusement industry has penetrated into the public life, the community play life in the urban drama, and more and more out of parent-child activities. Playground scenes, etc., a bustling market full of unlimited business opportunities and power, is bound to detonate market demand

  • Unpowered rides combined slide safety standards common sense - 1

         After 20 years of domestic development in China, the unpowered rides have gradually formed an industry that has begun to take shape. The domestic standards for quality standards or safety requirements for products in this industry have always relied on the most representative European standard. EN1176, the United States ASTM two standards, there is no specific quality standard. Common products of non-powered rides include: combination slides, swings, rocking horses, slides, zip lines, rocking boards, rock climbing, rope nets and other products. Unpowered rides Most products are used by young children and children. Children and children lack awareness of dangers. Practitioners should pay attention to the healthy development of children and prevent potential dangerous outputs.

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