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  • What manufacturing processes do you need for children's seesaw? Let's take a look.

    What manufacturing processes do you need for children's seesaw? Take a look at the type of the outdoor play equipment, and in the park and kindergarten, the most common is to jump board, just use a very simple leverage principle, but many children will be happy, play the jump board can let The balance of the child has been improved, and in the process of playing, you can also let your child open the soul of the soul to communicate, promote the development of your baby's physical and mental health.

  • What is the non-standard play equipment like Guan Central Park Children's Park?

    Gu'an Central Park is located in the new district of Gu'an. Daguang Expressway Gu'an A Exit, the east side is Yucai North Road, the west side is Yingbin Avenue, the south is the Jinxiu Avenue, the north side is the park. It covers an area of ​​approximately 205,000 square meters and is a city-level integrated park. Through the form of jogging and landscape trails, form a park vibrant ring line, divided into a variety of different motion methods such as cultural run, bunk run, sun run, flower running, and combined with multiple experiences Children's activities and sports venues, build an entertaining and happy vitality loop. In the design of the play equipment, the techniques that are combined with the environment are no longer lonely amusement island, and there are entertaining items everywhere.

  • "Wan Yu Raiders" makes you swing the swing TV series with amusement equipment scenes, do you know what?

    As a mature amusement equipment industry, the scenes of playground TV dramas have appeared on the screen in recent years. The side also reflects that the amusement industry has penetrated into the public life, the community play life in the urban drama, and more and more out of parent-child activities. Playground scenes, etc., a bustling market full of unlimited business opportunities and power, is bound to detonate market demand

  • Unpowered rides combined slide safety standard knowledge - 2

    Following the previous section, we continue to share the safety common sense of unpowered rides. 6. Unpowered rides must strengthen the child's fall protection measures: the fence must be provided when the standing surface exceeds the play plane by 600mm. At least 700mm from the surface of the platform, stairs or slopes to the top of the fence. The fence should not have horizontal or nearly horizontal crosspieces except the top, and children will try to use these crosspieces as climbing steps. The design at the top of the fence does not allow the child to stand or sit on it, nor can it have any spaces that encourage climbing.

  • Unpowered rides combined slide safety standards common sense - 1

         After 20 years of domestic development in China, the unpowered rides have gradually formed an industry that has begun to take shape. The domestic standards for quality standards or safety requirements for products in this industry have always relied on the most representative European standard. EN1176, the United States ASTM two standards, there is no specific quality standard. Common products of non-powered rides include: combination slides, swings, rocking horses, slides, zip lines, rocking boards, rock climbing, rope nets and other products. Unpowered rides Most products are used by young children and children. Children and children lack awareness of dangers. Practitioners should pay attention to the healthy development of children and prevent potential dangerous outputs.

  • What kind of amusement equipment should be designed for kindergarten outdoor game environment?

    Children provide a planned and prepared educational environment that is different between kindergartens as educational institutions and families. Compared with indoors, the outdoor environment is not easy to be regarded as a learning environment, because it does not seem to be "formal" at all. In fact, there are many famous places in it. How to design the kindergarten outdoor game environment? What issues need attention? Below, Xiaobian takes you to understand one by one.

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