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Water rides

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  • Water play equipment offer

    Water park equipment cannot be purchased according to personal hobbies, require rational choices and purchase. There are many things to consider when we invest in water parks. Many investors buy water amusement equipment, just like shopping in shopping malls, I like it. I didn't consider whether the mass consumers like it. And the price of a device is more important to see the characteristics of the product.

  • Water recreation facility accident

    As a hot project in the summer, the water park has received many investors. For merchants who have already put into operation of the water park, how to safely use and manage the water park, becoming the problem that they started at this stage. Then use how safe use and manage water rides, more effectively avoiding water amusement facilities accidents, let us explore.

  • Water park equipment manufacturers where

    In the summer, the water park is very popular. The play is basically a family-friendly, so this year's investment in the water park must not miss. I believe, many when investing in the water park project, I hope to find the right water park equipment manufacturers.

  • Water play equipment manufacturers Daquan

    2021 is coming, for people who want to invest in mobile water parks, now start to choose equipment, prepare for 2021 summer! Many water parks are asking for the water park equipment manufacturers produced by water park equipment manufacturers. The most important thing is to choose good manufacturers and products.

  • In this way, we can upgrade the water ride.

    The development of cosmetics and the changes in consumer groups have changed the water park industry. In recent years, the domestic theme park includes the water park market very popular, the investment scale is getting bigger, the Chinese theme park industry has developed to an unprecedented height, water How to improve its equipment performance to improve its equipment performance: At present, the technical level of water amusement equipment is getting higher and higher, and the maintenance difficulties are also increasing in the direction of electronic, integrated and intelligent. Some water park equipment manufacturers often provide complete maintenance technical information to users, so users can only rely on the manufacturer when there is a failure of the water play equipment, and some can only delegate the manufacturer. Water park equipment manufacturers should make commitments in technical support, service quality, parts price, etc., provide appropriate training, conduct detailed system technical principles guiding instructions on the maintenance personnel of the department, common fault

  • Children's Water Park on the Requirements of Amusement Equipment?

    Children's Water Park is an outdoor children's water recreation site that is relatively large, but has to admit that children's water park is the true demand for children. The Water Park Amusement Project requires strong weather resistance such as soaking in the water for a long time. Today, Xiaobian is mainly for most water park investors asking questions: What is the requirement for children's water park on amusement equipment.

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