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Wooden combination slide

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  • Children's combination slides have several materials

    In many children's paradise swimming, you can see the figure of the combination slide. Children's combination slides are integrated with fitness entertainment, which is a new type of hobbies, comprehensive indoor and outdoor children's park according to children. Design a variety of functions according to the characteristics of children's movement. Today we fully understand the following children's combination slides. There are several materials, plastic combined slides, stainless steel combined slides, stainless steel combined slides. Various materials have their own advantages and disadvantages. But you can make your child happiness is true. Plastic combination slide 1. Imported food level PPE engineering plastic parts: anti-detoner, anti-static, smooth surface smooth, color, diverse, complete function, free combination. 2. Hot-dip galvanized pipe parts: front treatment: the surface is smooth and burble, protect the safety of children. Surface treatment spray outdoor environmentally friendly polyester powder coating, anti-rust, anti-static, anti-removal, color lasting. Wooden combination slide wood slide from imported

  • Outdoor children combination slide which use material costs?

    For outdoor children combined slides, more investors and buyers are very important to its quality problems. Since the combination slide is placed in the outdoor exposure, the slide is often burns the skin of the child, so it is important to choose a high temperature resistant material. So, which material is the most resistant to high temperature, can bring a more cheerful play experience to the children? Among the next article content, small knitting is the advantage and characteristics of the outdoor children combined with different materials. I hope to have a certain help. The wooden slide is very obvious relative to the ordinary slide.

  • What is the interactive projection child slide? New era technology product

    Interactive projection children's slide, new era technology products now play the equipment in the playground, is also constantly updating, no longer limited to the traditional slide of the past. In fact, the slide is the most basic equipment in the playground, but the general slide, the children may be greasy now. At this time, there was an interactive projection child slide, a new type of play equipment, and many people didn't know much about him.

  • What are the difference between the wooden slide compared to ordinary slides?

    What are the difference between the wooden slide compared to ordinary slides? Now there are a variety of slide types around us, and most common is the plastic slide, but in some of the previous development time, most of the slides are wood, because his durability is better, and It is relatively convenient to obtain, but under the vigorous development of some new technologies, the wooden slide has gradually replaced, but he still has a lot of advantages.

  • Plastic slide is characterized? Not just design

    The plastic slide is characterized, not just the design of the current skid ladder equipment is more popular, in addition to bringing the entertainment experience, let them feel the fun of fitness, very helpful for the growth of children. . Such devices are ideal for this era to meet the needs of parents to require children to fully develop. So this kind of device can be so popular and began to appear in more children's paradise or other scenes.

  • How does children slide for class? Is it big for the growth of the child?

    How does children slide for class? Is it big for the growth of the child? Slide is a very common amusement equipment, simply, put on the ladder on the shelf, and the other side grabs the smooth skateboard, let the child slip down from the skateboard. This is a simple sliding process. The category of children's slides can generally be divided into the following aspects: First, by size, it can be divided into large, medium, small.

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