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  • Outdoor play equipment rock climbing

    Climbing the child to understand the hardships and challenge the difficulties, the child will get a lot of fun during the climb, and it feels very interesting in the air to climb up. The children will become difficult, accumulated experience, enhance skills from the secondary test exam, and gradually become increasingly joky and self-confidence, cultivating the children are not afraid of hardship, stubborn, the spirit of the firm, launching the spirit of the individual struggle The roots. But at the same time, climb is also accompanied by danger, so they will do the shelter, but because of fear of danger, the child will stop climbing, the child is quiet, but the children are in the enthusiasm of the event, the enthusiasm of the skills, and explore the environment. Wish, the interest of new things for long knowledge will also be depressed and restricted. This article contains content: 1, focus 2, coordination force 3, seeing a lot of attention

  • What are the important functions of the children's climbing wall? That is very beneficial to your child

    What are the important functions of the children's climbing wall? In addition to slides, children's rock climbing walls belong to a very adventurous activity, even if there is time, it is not very long, since there is a lot of children, and many kindergartens and large shopping malls have also seen it. Important features, you can attract the eyes of children very well, let's see what important functions he is in everyone.

  • What is the non-standard play equipment like Guan Central Park Children's Park?

    Gu'an Central Park is located in the new district of Gu'an. Daguang Expressway Gu'an A Exit, the east side is Yucai North Road, the west side is Yingbin Avenue, the south is the Jinxiu Avenue, the north side is the park. It covers an area of ​​approximately 205,000 square meters and is a city-level integrated park. Through the form of jogging and landscape trails, form a park vibrant ring line, divided into a variety of different motion methods such as cultural run, bunk run, sun run, flower running, and combined with multiple experiences Children's activities and sports venues, build an entertaining and happy vitality loop. In the design of the play equipment, the techniques that are combined with the environment are no longer lonely amusement island, and there are entertaining items everywhere.

  • Up posture! What part of the Naughty Fort of the Children's Park?

        The Children's Paradise Naughty Castle Playground consists of several parts. The children's playground is characterized by content and image cartoons, dreams, magic, with strong interest, interactivity, knowledge, and many facilities and projects such as electronics and mobility. Sex games. The characteristics of the set project are fantastic and full of imagination, and the content should also include interesting, interactive and intellectual aspects. It can make full use of the changed terrain treatment and enrich the plant landscape to create an ecological and natural playground environment for children's playgrounds. Then how to open a 300 square meter children's paradise section? The designers of Leto Group can help you design for free. Contact: Lin Manager Contact Phone 18057732525

  • Shanxi Taiyuan Aobao Kindergarten Project Case

    Opal Kindergarten is a preschool brand under the Australian Hills Education Group. The national distribution is Shanghai Shantou, Chengdu, Taiyuan. At present, Taiyuan Aobao Kindergarten in Shanxi has two parks, namely Aobao Bindong Park and Aobao Juntai Park. In 2017, Letu Amusement Outdoor Brand NUUTOO participated in the overall design, production and installation of the Aubao Juntai Campus Environmental Recreation Area. The picture above is a bird's-eye view of the playground of Juntai Park. There is a school building in the kindergarten. The lower left corner of the photo is the main entrance of the school. There are two access control gates. When the parents pick up the park, they will swipe the card to pick up the baby. Since its inception, Letu has been committed to the integrated output of non-standard personalized amusement equipment. In 2017, it accepted the invitation from Li Bao, the person in charge of Orbo, to participate in the planning and design of the Orbo 900 square-meter outdoor amusement non-standard program. Responsible and independent thought-provoking people, who originally put forward a lot of their own ideas and requirements, especially loved Amsterdam, Amsterdam. Contact: Manager Chen Tel: 18057703651

  • Letu indoor children's paradise Gansu Jiuquan love 蹦 PA large trampoline theme park case

    Aipu PA Trampoline Theme Park is located at Hongyang Plaza, 50 meters northeast of the intersection of East Square Road and Dunhuang Road in Jiuquan City. The trampoline hall covers an area of ​​1,600 square meters and is the largest trampoline theme park in the northwest. It is divided into free trampoline open area, happy children's area, trampoline slam dunk area, fancy sponge pool, physical development area, climbing area, etc. The venue design incorporates four attributes of safety, entertainment, competition and comfort. The vast number of play customers bring the latest wave of sports experience abroad. The following is the overall rendering of the trampoline equipment in the venue: This trampoline is operated by a very amiable Ge, and there is never a sense of distance between the wealthy people when communicating with us. I did not say that I am a customer. I must be fascinated by the feelings of my demeanor. On the contrary, I am very kind. He always responds to us cheerfully. In the early days, Ge’s rushed around, starting from the building materials business, and then discovering the development potential of amusement.

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