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brand introduction

brand introduction

\"Nuutoo \" originated in the United States, the registered professional casual play brand, focusing on people who bring happiness casual play products, are the original power of origin.
2016 Happy Chart Company agent in China \"Teaching toys \" Yongjia registered \"\" \"\" \"\" \"\" \"\" \"\" \"\" \"\" \"\" \"\" \"\" \"\" \"\" \"\" \"\" \"\" \"\" \"\" \"\" \"\" \"\" \"\" \"\" \"\" \"\" \"\" \"\" \"\" \"\" \"\" \"\" \"\" \"\" \"\" \"\" \"\" \"\" \"\" \"\" \"\" \"\" \"\" \"\" \"\" \"\" \"\" \"\" \"\" \"\" \"\" \"\" \"\" \"\" \"\" \"\" \"\" \"\" \"\" \"\" \"\" \"\" \"\" \"\" \"\" \"\" \"\" \"\" \"\" \"\" \"\" \"\" \"\" \"\" \"\" \"\" \"\" \"\" \"\" \"\" \"\" \"\" \"\" \"\" \"\" \"\" [步 行 游Easy casual life, everyone is doing everything you can pursue, making people more happy casual life, is the mission of the music map, let the scenery along the way add more fun, personalized play can be made different Parent-child interactive scene, music maps create a happy layout for you, and there is a happy tolerance of the world. Since then, the music map will do our best to pay for this, and the future is a shopping environment, leisure environment, amusement environment, tourism The environment, etc.

Product Description

Product Description

Sitting on the slide and getting off work \"is a special feature of Google. It is built for the creation of free space. The stainless steel slide breaks the traditional FRP, the plastic relies on the production of molds, the size change, the appearance, the original slide is not satisfied People's hunting psychology, stainless steel rides have jumped out of this limitations, of course, custom stainless steel slides also have its weak, high cost, high technical requirements, long construction period, as high-end custom amusement facilities are also difficult to spread, and can only be played in pursuit Creative amusement equipment. Stainless steel slides are mainly used in cells, department stores, parks, families, enterprises, etc. In order to create a relaxed work environment, the passion of employees, many companies have designed stainless steel metal slides in the office. The advantage of stainless steel material is that it is not only beautiful, but also can be controlled, can be installed along the stairs, can also do it on the middle of the two floors, spiral slides, straight slides, curved ladders. Exquisite production technology is more It can be customized according to the idea of ​​the designer, and the tubular portion of the slide is also attached to the camera. It can take pictures of the slide. Steel slide adds Google's feeling, and there is a customer to visit. It is also Other uses, such as delivery documents, even parcels, etc. Outdoor stainless steel slides more than the leisure area with children's park, parent-child park, and commercial complex, is very sought after by Party A.

Personalized landscape amusement equipment

Personalized landscape amusement equipment:

With the development of China's economy, the improvement of the people's living standards, under this macro situation, the original play equipment has not satisfied the demand for high-level consumption, the third generation of personalized play is standing up in 2013, and it has begun to open a change. ... With the development of leisure sightseeing tourism, the integration of enhancements is also increasingly used in the development of leisure sightseeing tourism. What kind of landscape arrangement is it? It is the scene of life, environmental shape, and turns into magic, and combines people's lives and play. Through this innovative combination, create an unconventional, do not have highlights of personalized landscape. This landscape is also known as \"Creative Landscape Amusement \", personalized landscape amusement is bold to introduce high-end real estate, main map, kindergarten, department store, park and other children's activities. It integrates fitness and entertainment landscapes, according to children's interests and interested in designing a variety of different styles, and a comprehensive comprehensive children's paradise. It is designed for children like drill, climbing, slipping. A new generation of outdoor amusement equipment with chic appearance, bright color, strong entertainment, complete function, reliable quality

Large combination of rides

Large macro combination amusement equipment:

The nature of the nature, the direction of life, will leave the feelings of difficult to cut from small, no matter yesterday, no matter all countries, children will tend to be accompanied by elements in nature, some slides, swing, slopes, Rock climbing, crawling, expansion, etc. Slide parks such as animals, machinery, sciences in the casual children's activities, giving children a combination of logs of logs, and many small partners see the tractor parked on the roadside, I want to sit down, shake the steering wheel, mouth The sound of \"Dudu \" is also very awkward. There is no realistic feeling of machinery, more imagination space, a borne modeling logs, climbing nets, climbing racks, stainless steel slides, a lot of functions, sitting in the mouth of the mouth \"Dudu \" The sound, playing is that happiness, childhood is happy, adult memories are also happy, old age can also be

Cooperation Case

  • [Outdoor children's play equipment case] Yangzhou Hongshan Sports Park no power non-standard amusement project engineering case

    Hongshan Sport Park covers an area of ​​4,200 mu, with a total investment of more than $ 100 billion. Relying on unique hillside, forest, reservoir resources, land-based, lending, surrounding \"Fitness, Sports, Inspiration, Puzzle, Yangxin \" Theme Sports theme park. Among them, the leisure sports rides covers an area of ​​more than 400 acres, mainly due to the concentrated containers, double tower, intellectual maze, big feet, disc large swing, the leisure project investment of 6.8 million, the annual income will exceed 10 million, in drainage Under the decisive role Read More

  • [Outdoor children's play equipment case] Domestic and foreign excellent classic landscape playground case, don't take it away!

    More and more children's playgrounds introduce the most popular rides, as well as the service and philosophy of brand amusement park, let the children experience different life characters in the play, improve their child communication skills, hands-on ability and action coordination skills, Promote development of children's brain development and spirituality. Children's Amusement Park is not just a place to provide equipment to children, especially for the interactive children's paradise integral interactive interaction, exercise, puzzle, fitness, and operators need to develop different in accordance with the characteristics of their own children's paradise facilities. The marketing program has been reform and opening up in 30 years. With the rapid development of my country's economy, the theme park industry in our country has also ushered in flourishing momentum. Pursuing a personalized theme park, giving non-standard custom market space. With more and more personalized parks, Disney will be a pain in the United States in China. Read More

  • [Outdoor children's play equipment case] Dongguan Longfeng Mountain Villa Stainless Steel Slide Case

    Longfeng Mountain Villa is located in Fenggang Town, Dongguan City. It is the only wedding theme country in China with AAAA-level tourist attractions. It is home to famous domestic photo studios such as Paris wedding dresses and other famous photo studios. Longfeng Villa is invested and built by Mr. He Yuhui, the president of Hong Kong's famous industrialist Jiali International. The base is based on Shenzhen and adjacent to Hong Kong and Macao. Longfeng Mountain Villa is located in Fenggang Town, Dongguan City, Guangdong Province, which has beautiful scenery and simple folk customs. It covers an area of ​​380,000 square meters and is located along Longping Highway. It is adjacent to Shenhui and radiates to the Pearl River Delta and directly to Shenzhen International Airport. Shenzhen Yantian Port, Guangzhou City, Guangzhou International Airport, Fenggang Town Bus No. 9 route, 5 route and 2 routes are all docked at Longfeng Mountain Villa. Longfeng Mountain Villa officially opened on April 18th, 2005. The four “Fairy Garden” in Zhuangyi are in line with each other. More than 20 theme parks (Kart, Racecourse, Torrent) and eight major attractions are featured. Inlaid in the area Read More

  • [Outdoor children's play equipment case] Shanxi Taiyuan Aobao Kindergarten Project Case

    Opal Kindergarten is a preschool brand under the Australian Hills Education Group. The national distribution is Shanghai Shantou, Chengdu, Taiyuan. At present, Taiyuan Aobao Kindergarten in Shanxi has two parks, namely Aobao Bindong Park and Aobao Juntai Park. In 2017, Letu Amusement Outdoor Brand NUUTOO participated in the overall design, production and installation of the Aubao Juntai Campus Environmental Recreation Area. The picture above is a bird's-eye view of the playground of Juntai Park. There is a school building in the kindergarten. The lower left corner of the photo is the main entrance of the school. There are two access control gates. When the parents pick up the park, they will swipe the card to pick up the baby. Since its inception, Letu has been committed to the integrated output of non-standard personalized amusement equipment. In 2017, it accepted the invitation from Li Bao, the person in charge of Orbo, to participate in the planning and design of the Orbo 900 square-meter outdoor amusement non-standard program. Responsible and independent thought-provoking people, who originally put forward a lot of their own ideas and requirements, especially loved Amsterdam, Amsterdam. Contact: Manager Chen Tel: 18057703651 Read More

  • [Outdoor children's play equipment case] Hefei Zhonghaicheng Project Case

    In September 2017, Feidong FD17-2 and FD17-3 were named Zhonghaicheng. As a well-known high-end residential expert in the industry, the project that Zhonghai entered for the first time in Feidong will be positioned as a high-end improvement. Zhonghai City is adjacent to the public road in the west and is separated by Chihe Road. In today's fierce real estate competition, China Shipping is paying more and more attention to every experience of customers. From the sales department, it is known to be the future of the stay. As the preferred amusement equipment supplier of China Shipping, Leto has been committed to participating in the construction of residential quality in China Shipping. . In order to fully display the life of Zhonghaicheng Wonderland, Zhonghai's designers pay more attention not only to the functions of children's play, but also to the future of the model. The majority of the rides are as rich as possible. Color, and the new design takes care of both ideas. The main structure of the rich colors is consistent with the other elements of the China Shipping brand, while the two colored gradient lines on it. Contact: Manager Chen Tel: 18057703651 Read More

  • [Outdoor children's play equipment case] Shenyang Xuhui pine cone combination stainless steel slide case

    The Songguo Slide Project is located in the south of Guangchang Road, Youth Street, Heping District, Shenyang City. The slide is designed with pine cones as the prototype. The three slides are connected by crawling nets to enhance physical training while playing. . The pine cones are connected by a crawler, and the span is large, which tests the quality of the product. And this is the most important thing for our company. Everything is based on safety. The materials chosen are the best! Ingenuity quality, the pursuit of each process, argon arc welding, to ensure that the welding is firm, 18 polished wire drawing, leaving no trace of welding. The product uses Brazilian rosewood as the hard shell that has been sent, and the color is consistent with the pine cone. Contact: Manager Chen Tel: 18057703651 Read More

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