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How much is the outdoor small children's water park investment?

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How much is the outdoor small children's water park investment?

With the rising temperament throughout the country, the water amusement equipment project has been popular all over the country. Some of the more famous large water play parks in China have Maya Water Park, Happy Valley Water Park, Ocean Water Park, etc. These are all water recreation projects belonging to large adult version. But for more children, these places are not suitable for children to play. So it is necessary to build an outdoor small water park. The size of the small-scale children's playground is between 500 floating to 2000, how much is the cost of investment?

The factors affecting the amount of water park investment are very broad, and there is a venue fees, types of water park equipment, staff salary, maintenance fees, etc.

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Take a 1500 square meter water park as an example, which is a small and medium outdoor amusement park. It is expected that the total cost price is between 1.5 million to 1.8 million yuan, which contain both the park's infrastructure project construction, but also includes site construction construction, equipment purchase, basic decoration costs. In the construction of this block needs to focus on solid planning, it is best to complete the basic construction of the site in April. In July, you can directly open your profit, equipment purchase is a very important content, Xiaobian will deliberately take a section to tell this part.

Another difference in the theme of outdoor children's water park projects will be more obvious. Different equipment types, the price of the price is relatively large, the demand for amusement in the water park is relatively large, and naturally requires a wide range of functionality. For example, common water parks, combination slides, artificial, craftsmanship, children's play, small toys, etc. You choose the number and style of the device, and you need to make a detailed planning design according to the water park theme style.

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A true investment of an outdoor children's playground is a big head in the purchase of equipment and overall operation overhead, and outdoor children's water park equipment has no power equipment and electricity. Of course, some combination slides, bubble boats are endless equipment, and the price of such equipment is also cheaper. Instead, the price of electricity devices is higher because its fun is more functional.

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