How should the new coronavirus epidemic?

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How should the new coronavirus epidemic?

A sudden coronary virus broke the peace of 2020, causing many companies to face economic impact. The blessing disaster is dependent from another perspective, and the epidemic has brought a major change to the company. The so-called crisis is an opportunity. This epidemic will be more in-depth reflection of \"Operation as King \". As a market inability, the play equipment industry, if you can't take this opportunity to show your strong operational ability, it is very likely to face the dilemma of elimination, and high-quality high value-added companies will stand out. So, how should the new coronavirus epidemic? Here, give you some constructive comments.

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New coronary virus epidemicAmusement equipment industryWhat should I deal with?

1.Regular equipment quality, hygiene detection

The seriousness of this epidemic is a vision, and numerous companies have been adversely influenced, and how the new coronary virus epidemic, and how to deal with the business industry, becoming the distress of many investors. In fact, in order to improve the normal complex after the new coronavirus epidemic, you can apply to the relevant departments during the epidemic, and the situation in the venue is positioned well, and the cleaning and hygiene is carried out. Therefore, during this period, the play equipment can be used for safety quality testing, equipment hygiene, and the venue is regularly disinfected.

2.Do your online publicity, get accurate traffic

During the epidemic, most of the play equipment industries are in a stop-working state. If the play industry is completely sleep, even if the epidemic is ended, it will not be able to seize market opportunities again. Therefore, during the epidemic, the play industry cannot neglect, and actively use the advantages of the Internet and seize Internet traffic. For example, you can carry out online propaganda marketing, with WeChat public account, shake APP, live broadcast platform, etc., to establish an interaction between consumers. During the face of strict epidemic management, the play equipment industry cannot do a frog in the bottom, and a range of online interactive cards, creative short video and other content can be carried out, and the previous online content is created.

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New coronary virus epidemicWhat should I deal with?

3.Improve the amusement equipment industry to prevent accidental emergency

Perhaps in this epidemic, many companies understand the importance of prevention and control capabilities. How should the new coronavirus epidemic? The amusement equipment industry should also follow the market's changes, build a complete management system, such as the emergency plan of the play equipment industry, strengthen emergency treatment level, increase emergency instruments, etc. In addition, the amusement industry should also pay special attention to the emergency training capabilities of the staff.


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