How should the outdoor combination slide should choose?

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How should the outdoor combination slide should choose?

What kind of outdoor combination slides can attract children's users and parents' attention? For our customized combined slide manufacturers, the design of the product must be novel and high-end material combination, so that children's play equipment that is favored by customers, children who love children; for customers who invest in, of course, Choosing the best combination slide is best, the budget is larger, which can be customized according to the site, more in line with the child's preference. Whether it is a manufacturer or a customer, how the outdoor combination slide should choose to have a primary consideration, we can analyze from the color, supporting, material Chan brother of the combination slide.

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Color design selection

In general, the combination of warm colors can be more attractive, such as pink, rose red, such as the color of roses, will promote emotional activities, grass green is a color that can make children quiet, let the child are certain In the environment, it is more focused and thinking. The combination of cold tones is relatively rare in the market. The main reason is that the monotonous color does not attract the attention of the user group, while the parents will be resentful because they do not actively sunlight.

That is to say, the combination slide should focus on the color design of the color. It is emphasized in warm color, and the play equipment and morphological color porcelain contact with the children have need to have a strong sense of play. Special time has the impact on the entire environment.

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becauseOutdoor combination slideThe matching series is very extensive, can combine with the sand pit, swing, rocking horses, and can also combine with trash cans, leisure chairs, signages, etc., so outdoor combination slides can be based on the site. Size Select the right play equipment accessories.

Product material selection

The material classification type of the combination slide is more classified. Common metal materials: FRP, stainless steel is main, rugged, surface can be smooth, rubber: Its advantages are strong material plasticity, can shape a wide variety of facility components The color is rich, and the flexibility is relatively strong; metal: Its advantage is that children are not easily injured when they are used, and the period of use is still more.


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