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How to choose children's outdoor combination slide vendors

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How to choose children's outdoor combination slide vendors

The slide project has received much attention in recent years, mainly the market expansion, and the purchase demand for children's paradise is increased.Child outdoor combination slideManufacturers have emerged, many equipment manufacturers who have nothing to do with this area have also begun to organize personnel and production lines, no core technology, can use public version design.

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The following is included:

First, the type of product

Second, the material of the product

Third, market insurance

Fourth, manufacturer

V. Equipment maintenance

Product type

Children's outdoor combination slides can be combined into different gaming forms, height, weight or module can be defined according to customer requirements. Fixed facilities have been greatly improved compared to early fixed facilities. At present, there are 7 ~ 8 categories, providing children to children in different ages. Complexity and thrilling levels.

2. Material of the product

From the early cement products to the later wooden, plastic products, composites and stainless steel products, the combination of slides can be composed of different materials and composition, but the load capacity is different, and the design unit needs to calculate its stress as needed.

3. Market guarantee

The slide is not overlooked in the game industry. In all naughty castles, children's paradise, kindergartens are basically not a charging project, so almost every facility will exist. At present, the total amount of slides owned in my country is about 2 million yuan. And annual production needs will increase by 7.5% in the same period last year.

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4. Manufacturer

There are thousands of manufacturers who can produce such products, there are more than 50 large companies, they are concentrated in Fujian, Zhejiang, Jiangsu and other places, and more manufacturers have related production lines, can organize production, because process requirements Not high, so profit is relatively small.

5. Equipment maintenance

SlideThe project does not require too much maintenance investment unless it is outdoor. If you are exposed to ultraviolet or wind, some products with rubber plastic surface materials should be maintained. If it is a steel structure or hard structure, it can be completely ignored. Check whether the customer leaves items before business every day.

Children's outdoor combination slides are natural game varieties to low-old children. When my country's economy is not developed, it is also a project that is standing for all boy, kindergarten, and now various facilities and equipment have emerged, and the business places cannot neglect the slide combination, every few It is necessary to replace the year.

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