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How to move a small water park plan can be more popular?

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How to move a small water park plan can be more popular?

movewater parkIt is a popular amusement project in the summer, both from development trends, and the universal trend, more and more investors have begun to pay attention to this project of mobile water parks.

But most of these investors do not know much about mobile water parks, or understand too much. For example: Many investors want to start from a small mobile water park in order to reduce investment risks. But I don't know how to plan, to attract more tourists? Today, Xiaobian took you to learn more about a small mobile water park plan:

1, select the device

2, design renderings

3, venue selection

Water Slide + Water Amusement Equipment + Children's Play Facilities (27)

First, choose equipment

Small mobile water parks are small in sizeWater ridesAlternative equipment with an inflatable pool, theme park, a small stent pool, a cold air passage, a water football field, and the like. You can also choose a reputable, experienced water ride, manufacturer, according to the shape of the actual place, custom production equipment.

Second, the design renderings

After communicating with the manufacturer, the manufacturer is generally responsible for sending people to the project, examining the project. If you think that the mobile water park project has a local development space, it will provide the design team to investors to provide specific project rendering, in the figure The equipment name and equipment specifications of the winning bid, investors feel satisfied, can give the equipment parameters to the manufacturer, manufacturers can produce according to the various equipment specifications provided by the design team.

Water Slide + Water Amusement Equipment + Children's Play Facilities (8)

Third, the venue selection

In general, the small water park location is in the bustling area of ​​the flow of people. It is generally not too large in such a place. Therefore, the size of the small mobile water park is limited, and the area of ​​the general needs is about 2,000 square meters. More children as consumer subjects.

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