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How to run a children's paradise? What should I pay attention to?

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How to run a children's paradise? What should I pay attention to?

In the domestic children's park, it gradually became popular. In this large background, many investment operators also saw the business opportunities, and began to run multiple children's paradise to grabbed the market, but many people did not pursue the business ideas, but blindly. The follower, the loss of the loss counts. Then analyze a few, which is easy to lead to several important factors that have failed to make everyone a reference.

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How to operateChildren's Paradise? What should I pay attention to?

First: Poor planning layout, using methods of expanding the area to improve the benefits

Many people will blindly expand the area when playing the playground. In fact, the larger income will bring higher income. In fact, this idea is wrong. After an increase in the area, then it is necessary to need more maintenance personnel to work, so the overall investment will increase, and the layout is unreasonable It will cause multiple dead angles to generate performance losses on the pulling force of the passenger flow. The correct approach should be fully utilized, so it is meaningful.

Second: The content of the play should have connotation. Most of the lack of competition differentiation

In fact, many well-known playgrounds in China will link culture. After connecting the play equipment and local human culture, then the local residents will have a high degree of relevance, and it is also an effective way to raise the visibility. Through the mining of local cultures, the design is integrated, and then a very perfect play mode is formed, and the consumers will bring some subtle feelings. Therefore, careful analysis should be carried out in this regard, realize the importance of cultural linkage.

Third: Member policy is unreasonable

Many playgrounds will formulate members' policies, because this is mainly in order to increase customer viscosity, but in the process of operation, there is no classification of customers, and there is no differentiated operations and operations, so that although the beautiful name It is for customer service, but the difference between the consumption experience of the customer is relatively large, so the member should be graded, which will make the customer to form a dependence, depending on, which can clearly know that each customer's development trend, This can be tracked and adjusted

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How to run a children's paradise? What should I pay attention to?

Therefore, for operators, you should pay attention to the precautions in the children's paradise business process, and should be developed before the opening of the program, according to the plans and measures provided by the play equipment company to carry out real-time tracking adjustments.

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