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Novice investors see here! Really make money outdoor equipment need to pay attention to these!

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Novice investors see here! Really make money outdoor equipment need to pay attention to these!

Love is the nature of people themselves, and the childlike is a person's background, the air castle, rotating Trojans, big pendulum and other projects are always lingering in the ear, and the adults are willing to enjoy the happiness of the children. In the playground, you can easily play the parent-child game, and each family can feel the fun of these outdoor equipment, while achieving a harmonious development of a family-friendly relationship. There are many types of equipment in the outdoor playground, and it is also more appropriate as people's demand continues to increase. For novice investors, I don't know what to choose, it is more appropriate. Today, Wenzhou Map Place will summarize the following. What time, I hope to help you!

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Outdoor play equipmentmodeling

Site choice is especially important

Outdoor equipment quality is heavy

Consider your own operating cost expenditure to choose a play equipment

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Outdoor play equipment

For most children, beautiful appearance, colorful lighting effects, and wonderful music can always leave a good impression in the first time. Indeed, under the current popular market, if you have a better attraction point, you can always get a good harvest. But what you need to notice is to design in the shape of the model as much as possible, because this topic can represent your venue image.

Site choice is especially important

It is generally believed that in some local operations, the operational effect is always good. We will leave the final operation effect. If you don't talk, just a business district of people, around the school, medium place, these are all places. It belongs to the wingdom of the store, and it is impossible to know that the rent expenses are certainly a lot. Therefore, on the basis of considering people's traffic, you have to do a comprehensive consideration of rent.

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Outdoor equipment quality is heavy

Many investors believe that the purchase cost of outdoor equipment is relatively high, so the rough choice of inexpensive outdoor play equipment, leads to abnormal operating consequences of the later venue, causing unnecessary security hazards. The choice of play equipment is not expensive, but the choice of brand manufacturers must be an authentic, formal manufacturer, and ensure that the product quality is reliable.

Consider your own operating cost expenditure to choose a play equipment

For small and medium-sized operators, it is already very good to buy a small amusement device. For such cost-limited investors, it is actually the final result, selecting different play equipment according to the size of the site, and this maintenance cost is not high, and there is also interest in operation.

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