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Outdoor landscape stainless steel slip slide non-standard custom service introduction!

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Outdoor landscape stainless steel slip slide non-standard custom service introduction!

Stainless steel slide is an upgrade product of ordinary slides. Its playing method is more, not only in the indoor publicity in the outdoor park, scenic spots, shopping malls and other places have also been loved by children. Since the stainless steel slide is highly wide and bright, but not only decorate space Also exercised the bodies of players. Today, Music Xiaobian is to share with the related introduction of outdoor landscape stainless steel slide non-standard custom services.

This article contains the following

1. Advantages of non-standard stainless steel slides

2. The price of non-standard stainless steel slides

3. How to manage non-standard stainless steel

First, the advantages of non-standard stainless steel slides

Stainless steel combination slides are a very novel play equipment, which uses 304 stainless steel as a slide, safe, smooth, outdoor, no weatherability, long service time. The advantage of stainless steel slide customization is that the style, length, and shape can be created according to the customer's desired, suitable for different site installations and debugging. Stainless steel slides are used as a material with very strong weather resistance, and the high-end outdoor slide is created with welding technology.

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two,Non-standard stainless steel slides price

When people heard that the outdoor play equipment will think of the price is definitely very expensive, it is not. Non-calibration outdoor play equipment is more than the actual measurement and professional technical customization process of the venue and the ordinary slide. In fact, it is absolutely correct to discuss the development of future operations. First, the non-standard custom combination slide prices are also subject to the size, material and conscientious effects of the product, but the customization will pay more attention to the product of the subject. Chau Amusement Equipment Co., Ltd. guarantees this, and the non-standard stainless steel combination slide produced by our company is fully charged accordingly, and the fee is charged.

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Third, how to manage non-standard stainless steel

When the product is installed in normal installation, the operator does not need other related work. We will bring training work for operators in the early stage, and will give your corresponding instruments to do our care. Managing outdoor stainless steel products only need to do the following steps: Regular inspection per day, check if the parts and slides are clean, whether there is other sharp substances; the quarter's large inspection, make cleaning, clear the risk ingredients.

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