Predictive in 2021 popular children's play equipment price analysis

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Predictive in 2021 popular children's play equipment price analysis

One of the most cost proportions in the children's playground may be a play equipment, why is the play equipment so expensive? This is a question that many investors want to consult. After all, the great flow of funds must cause everyone to pay attention. But when choosing the device, it is also very important, each manufacturer can see all kinds of dazzling full-purpose products, and how to choose and what the price is relatively appropriate, has become the public's doubts, the following will analyze the following 2021 Welcome children's play equipment quotation.

This article contains the following

1 Children's Naughty Fort Equipment

2 rail racing small train equipment

3 combination slide equipment

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Children's naughty castle equipment

Children's naughty castle can be used as a separate comprehensive park, which is the entertainment equipment in the children's playground. It is mainly combined to children's various behaviors, such as climbing, jumping, rolling, etc., using some play equipment. Match, cultivate the active ability of children's body. A naughty castle project is a large project equipment, a swing, combined slide, marine ball, electric equipment, etc., combining a colorful paradise. Naughty Fort This small device is charged according to the area, and the market price of one square meter is around 800 yuan.

Track racing small train equipment

Track racing and track small trains are two different play products, and the rail racing is a competitive product that simulates the children's game. It is a hot small and medium-sized product in the Children's Park. This product has different equipment and accessories, and the track can splicing combination, achieving a variable run orbit, making the play more realistic. The role of track small trains is to watch a circle around the children's playground, feel the trains' fun. Track racing and rail small trains are integrated competitive, intellectual and interactive projects, and the price is about 30 square meters, the price is 3-5 million.

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Combination slide equipment

The combined slide is not only the indoor product, but also popular in outdoor. More importantly, the combination of slide projects can be tailored to non-standard custom services, product materials, product models, product models, etc., the price of the combination slide is also Due to material, scale, function, and technology. But for the price, the combination slide is approximately 1000 yuan.

Nowadays, children in the market are quite different, and the equipment's style is more payable. Different matching and configurations often present a different effect, so what kind of equipment you want to do in the children's playground is custom-made. Other equipment in complementary playgrounds increase playability and irritation.

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