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Stainless steel child slide advantage

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Stainless steel child slide advantage

Stainless steel children's slide is one of children's sports activities, install ladders on the elevated side of the elevated side, and the other side is mounted, and the child goes from the ladder and slides from the oblique plate. It is common in children's play equipment.

The advantages of stainless steel slides include the following:

1, strong plasticity

2, can create high-rise, multi-purpose

3, more stable performance, more secure and reliable

Stainless steel slide real map (28)

First, strong plasticity

Lift a plastic slide, everyone generally thinks that the ordinary skateboard slides down (or tubular slide), and the stainless steel children can shape its shape, curved, cascaded, cross-collapse, etc. according to the needs of customers. Wait, if the needs of the customer can cover the transparent hood, etc., and the different stainless steel children's slides are loved by children in the actual life.

Second, can create high-level, multi-purpose

Stainless steel quality is widely used compared to traditional plastic children's slides. At present, manufacturers generally divide stainless steel children into two categories in indoor and outdoor. It is important to note that the height and length of stainless steel slides are generally not limited. Users can purchase 3 meters, 5 meters, 10 meters or even 20 meters according to their needs. For example, there are many places, we can put stainless steel children's slide from the top of the five floors to the ground.

Stainless steel slide real map (26)

Third, the performance is more stable, more secure and reliable

Stainless steel children's slide is better than plastic in terms of anti-corrosion, smooth, cleaning, etc., so we can save time, energy and cost as operators, save time, energy and cost, the most important thing is the life life of the same slide play equipment. Longer, so everyone chooses to use stainless steel children with stainless steel.

Good children's stainless steel slides are directly with their own production and development technology teams and all aspects of relevant personnel. We need to go to a field. The technology of the playing equipment for stainless steel children's slide manufacturers is the key to deciding the quality of the children's paradise equipment. The same children's paradise equipment products are given to newcomers and the teacher must definitely, and the product effect of the shipments will be greatly different. There are many amusement equipment manufacturers just to do sales, so don't choose from the dealer to get the goods, then the price will rise, but must contact the play equipment manufacturer directly.

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