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Stainless steel slide selection skills

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Stainless steel slide selection skills

Stainless steel slide selection skills

First, see the raw materials for products

Second, see if the design is scientifically reasonable

Third, whether the workmanship is meticulous

Fourth, the height of the slide is suitable

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Stainless steel slide manufacturers have a lotHow does the buyer choose the slide equipment that exceeds the quality? You can refer to the following points:

1, see the raw materials for products

The stainless steel slide is 304 stainless steel, 304 stainless steel for food grade steel, material safety environmental protection, high temperature resistant to 800 degrees, good performance, high toughness, no fading, smooth surface smooth, so it is more suitable for slide, slide!

2, see if the design is scientifically reasonable

Stainless steel slides are reasonable in design, if the design is unreasonable, children are easily injured, and the products used by children must use rounded or arcs in the necessary places. See if you meet the needs of most children. Because this product is mostly a small child.

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3. Whether the workmanship is meticulous

Children will not pay attention to danger when they are playing, but parents or investors must consider this. In the process of assembling stainless steel slides, any sharp part requires hidden or grinding, such as screws, which may score the child's clothes, scratch the child's skin, and let the children hurt.

4, the height of the slide should be appropriate

Usually, many people will ignore this. In fact, the children's age is different, and the requirements for slides are different. If the slide is too low, the children can't experience the fun, if the slide is too high, the children's slide speed will become fast, If you hit the object, you will have to pay attention to that children's stainless steel slides are not recommended for more than 5 m. Adult slides are not recommended for more than 15m, mainly for safety factors. In addition, the after-sales service of stainless steel slide equipment is also a problem to pay attention to when purchasing. Since there is a problem in such equipment, only the professional maintenance can solve the problem. Therefore, those large-scale manufacturers will do very well in the after-sales service, so that users can use their equipment to worry-free, and they can help them solve their worries.

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