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Super slide Devil slides Recreational slides rides manufacturers custom

[product name] super slide
[product specifications] size can be customized
[Features] GS certification, wear-resistant, non-toxic
[Product use] Super slide can cultivate children's independent personality, exercise, brain and brain puzzle. The devil slide can literally feel the stimulation of the slide, which is an indispensable item for children's paradise.
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  • LT-DH002
  • DH002

Super Slide Product Description

Super slideChildren's Paradise Product Parameters
product name Super slide
product brand Nuutoo
Product number LT-DH002
Product specifications customizable
product material 1, the main frame: galvanized pipe
2. Auxiliary material: PVC
3. Slide: LLDPE
Product color customizable
Adapt to age 2+
Adapt to the scene Community, park, playground, municipal engineering, scenic area, high-end kindergarten, resort center, hotel, children's playground
Transport installation 1. Special line logistics bulk packaging, cotton cloth + film packaging to ensure complete and no damage during transportation.
2, provide professional teacher installation services

Devil Slide + Indoor Children's Park 5

The super slide has been changed on the traditional slides, which has increased the time for visitors to slide, allowing visitors to experience the fun of the devil slides at once!

Super slide product display

Devil Slide + Indoor Children's Park

    The Devil's slide itself uses a variety of rich colors to give a high-end image on the first sense, and can be applied to a variety of places to facilitate the ride and feel of tourists.

Devil Slide + Indoor Children's Park 3Devil Slide + Indoor Children's Park 1

    In the journey to the Devil's Slipway, our designers also prepared a series of small obstacles such as rainbow ladders, drill holes, and swinging bridges for the small bowl friends, which is helpful for helping the small basin friends overcome timidity and embarrassment. Oh!

Devil Slide + Indoor Children's Park 4Devil Slide + Indoor Children's Park 3Devil Slide + Indoor Children's Park 2

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