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Water park is especially important

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Water park is especially important

The child economy is booming. The market is booming. With the deepening of the development of the water park and the opening of the second birth policy, the market is gradually increased, the water park has the location and seasonal impact, the investment threshold is low, cost, cost Recycling fast attributes. Very popular among tourists and investors. The safety problem of the child's water park is the one who can't ignore!

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1. The Operation of Water Park Reliefacilities should be equipped with sufficient life-saving personnel and life-saving equipment for water amusement facilities. It should be equipped with a high almost sentry. The dressing of the life-saving personnel is easy to identify and should be equipped with the corresponding contact equipment, communication equipment and life-saving tools.

2. The water amusement park operator should set the eye-catching tourists instructions and warning signs in the appropriate parts of the equipment or facilities. A hunger watery signs should be set around the play pool and the water in the pool. The control device should be safe and reliable when the rides exceeds the predetermined location in operation.

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3. Water ride equipment should be elected for water recreation equipment that meets the requirements of safety technical specifications, water entertainment rides should register to the local municipal-level special equipment safety supervision and management department before investment in use or in use, and establish entertainment Amusement facility safety technology file.

4. Water playground equipment must perform the necessary inspections before running every day. If there is no problem, it can be officially operated after the trial operation, and the operation record should also be done.

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