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Water play equipment new products

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Water play equipment new products

Water play equipment new products

Water Amusement Equipment + Water Park + Water Paradise + Play Water Amusement + Water Slide 16

With the development of my country's economy, people's income levels and consumption have prompted the tertiary industry and tourism industry to continuously develop and mature, and the leisure methods of play and leisure are updated, the design of the water park equipment, consumption is born. So what new products are there in water amusement equipment?

This article contains the following:

1, children slide

2, family interactive water house

3, artificial waste

4, large water slide

5, inflatable competitive equipment

Water Amusement Equipment + Water Park + Water Paradise + Play Water Amusement + Water Slide 4-1

First, children slide

There are a lot of children's slides in the water park, such as a speaker slide, a tide slide, a child combination slide, etc., can be installed in the water park, the speaker slide is playing with the child, suitable for the family to play, entertainment. Xiao Chong Tian slide is relatively high, suitable for housewives, is also common water entertainment! The other is a child combination slide, which is a slide that is suitable for low-age children, similar to the slide of the community kindergarten, but this is a water recreational facility!

Second, family interactive water house

Home interactive water houses are suitable for children, and are also suitable for parents. Such water villages are equipped with entertainment facilities such as adult slide, children slide, animal cartoon theme equipment, so that adults will play with their children, and children can also play freely. This is a water entertainment project that parents and children like it.

Third, artificial wave pool

The Wavechway has always been a star product in the water park, and has won the favor of many tourists with its unique advantages. Wavel ponds utilize a series of working systems and facilities, artificially simulated the production of waves in the pool, attracting a large number of tourists to create a lively and enthusiastic atmosphere. Many tourists do not have to go to the beach, they can enjoy the leisure time of the waves in the city center or suburbs.

Fourth, large water slide

In general, large water slides are water rides in the water park thrilling index, which are slid down from high slide platforms, and there are two sliding methods of leather rafts and body slide. The water slides are different, color free With, the visual effect is full, the slide experience is completely different, is the love of young people looking for a thrilling.

V. Inflatable competitive equipment

The water stripped in the water has \"Starting Stage \", \"Take a little water \", \"Strike,\", \"Space Walking \", \"Diving Dragon Gate \", \"If you are thin ice \", \" \", \" Gong Pan Peak \"eight levels. These levels are very challenging. If there is a watellite and a pond, you can invest a set of overwater equipment. Vehicle equipment is relatively strong in terms of lining scenes and popularity.

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