What are the factors in the design of outdoor children's playgrounds that need attention?

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What are the factors in the design of outdoor children's playgrounds that need attention?

How to design an outdoor children's playground that is loved by children?

Let's let Xiaobian introduce you to the planning and design of the outdoor playground site.

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First, color matching

    Children's perception of color is relatively simple, they rarely pay attention to the multi-level gray tone in life. In their eyes, red is red, green is green, and red is not divided into cold red and warm red. In terms of expression, they will also greatly exaggerate the degree of their color, such as; the sun will use red or vermilion to express, and the blue water, they can use pure lake blue to express.

Non-standard ride + North China Electric Power University combination slide + rope net climbing (4)

    Children tend to like more colorful gaming facilities, however, this is not a universal law. It's not that it's good to design the game field as colorful. The scientific color concept is about with visual effects. Children's facilities are brightly colored, but don't be too fancy, which can cause visual fatigue.

    It is generally considered that the color matching associated with children is not too bright. Brilliant colors attract children's attention. Bright and cheerful colors will bring pleasant emotions to children. The careful configuration of colors should undoubtedly be part of the designer's theme.

    Therefore, the child boldly uses the contrast color in the case of unconstrained color, and obtains the loud effect of the picture with the higher purity primary color, forming a bold, bright, simple and warm color style. This innocent, sleek, rhythmic color is reflected in the various landscape elements in the park.

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    Some designs fail because of the messy colors. Therefore, the designer's ability to control color plays a crucial role in the success of the work. There are no wrong colors, only uncoordinated designs. If you want to match a lot of colors, you can use white as the background, so it won't look messy. If you can combine the changes in light and shadow, there will be better results. Red and green are not necessarily poisons, and complementary colors are good, but they should not be evenly distributed. The three primary colors are also a common match. The color of the children's play facilities should be coordinated with the surrounding environment to integrate the game facilities into the colors of the surrounding environment.

Second, sculpture sketch

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    The sleek and vivid sculpture facilities and garden wares serve as the finishing touch to the playground, injecting fresh blood into the children's playground.

    The sculptures of animal shapes infiltrate some natural knowledge into the children, and inadvertently let the children receive vivid education. For example, how life is born, grown, proliferated and other biological aspects, such as the behavior of animals, the meaning of expressions and other animal behaviors, so that children from childhood to develop a good habit of protecting animals, love nature , the joy, enlightenment and help for children. The sculptures of various shapes not only add fun and entertainment, but also integrate knowledge and science, achieve the effect of “education and fun”, open children's intelligence and creativity, imagination.

Third, the choice of materials

Non-standard amusement + Chengdu Gaotou Corridor and stainless steel slide + swan combination slide (2)Non-standard amusement + Chengdu Gaotou Corridor and stainless steel slide + swan combination slide (11)Non-standard amusement + Chengdu Gaotou Corridor and stainless steel slide + swan combination slide (14)

    The development of technology has accelerated the upgrading of materials, and the clever application of materials often changes the style and pattern of the entire children's playground.

    Children's playgrounds often use new synthetic materials, such as synthetic glass in organic plastics, to avoid defects in the plastic and glass materials themselves.

    Children's play equipment paints are safe, environmentally friendly, and maintain vibrant colors.

The seats in the children's playground are made of steel material and can be made of soft plastic material, which is both durable and soft.

    The slide consists of three parts: the platform section, the climbing section and the sliding section. It is generally made of stainless steel, wood, artificial terrazzo, reinforced plastic, fiberglass and other materials. The surface of the skateboard is smooth.

    If the paint is dull and rough, it will not only attract the children's interest, but also not good for the child's health.


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