What are the safety specifications of the non-powered amusement equipment? Need to know in advance

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What are the safety specifications of the non-powered amusement equipment? Need to know in advance

In recent years, there is no powerful children's play equipment, because its structure is simple, rich in modeling, and strong, and gradually come to our usual life. Many parents are also very willing to let their children experience the most exclusive gameplay to feel the most exciting happiness, and for operators and manufacturers, they should know that their related safety regulations, such as production or later operations, risks Reduce, the contents of this aspect will be described below.

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Inlet amusement equipmentWhat are the security specifications? Need to know in advance

For manufacturers, the materials used must comply with relevant national standards and norms and should provide relevant safety inspection certificates after production. This is an important prerequisite for ensuring the health of children. In the process of designing and production, the projections of the sharp object should be avoided. If it is not avoidable, a smooth curved structure design should be taken, and the load should be measured, and the market can be put into the market after a large number of experimental qualifications. At the beginning of the entry of the equipment, operators should be familiar with the inspection and operation methods of the play equipment. If the child has no power equipment should be carried out in the case of conditions permitted. In the later operation, it should also be placed in a prominent position, a large number of safety slogans. This can meet the security of customers as much as possible

If you encounter strong convective weather in the later business process, such as rainfall and hail, etc. The operation of the equipment should be timely interrupt, stop the tourists' play. It should also be. Place a warning sign to avoid security incidents.

After normal investment, the operator should do a good job in maintaining a record in strict accordance with the relevant specification, and if the abnormality should immediately stop setting the game, and notify the professional technician to solve. Maintenance personnel should be trained regularly. The exercise of the emergency response plan should be performed if necessary.

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What are the safety specifications of the non-powered amusement equipment? Need to know in advance

Every child is the most attention in the family. Although children's non-powered equipment can bring a lot of joy, it has the dangers of it, so whether it is parents or operators, they should be safe. At sufficient attention. Parents should also be familiar with safety announcements of slides and other equipment and explain them to their children. If the height and the age health condition does not meet the requirements, it should be banned.

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