What do you need to do with a children's park? Need to know before investing

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What do you need to do with a children's park? Need to know before investing

Under the influence of the popularity of the parent-child entertainment program, the number of children's park in my country is gradually increased. Many parents have been far from being limited to books on their children, and more is to let children experience life, feel the beauty of nature in the Children's Paradise. Exercise your skills in playing, then what procedures do you need to open a children's garden?

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What do you need to do with a children's park? Need to know before investing

The first is a business license. Everyone will not feel strange for business licenses, because whether individual business households are still the company, they must first handle the business license. He needs investors to go to the Industry and Commercial Bureau to handle individual business licenses. After the approval of the Administration for Approval, you can get the business license, so that you have an operation.Children's ParadiseThe most basic qualifications.

Secondly, the fire certificate. Because most children's paradise belong to group venues, their size has also taken a lot. So you need to perform fire acceptance. Specific acceptance steps and requirements can consult the local fire brigade. The significance of fire acceptance is very significant, because he is not only related to the safety of the post-child park operation, but once a fire is dangerous, it will bring a lot of losses, so it should be sufficient.

There is also an exclusive entertainment business license for the Children's Park. Generally, it is necessary to bring legal proofs, funding proof and other documents to the local Cultural Radio and Television Bureau. This document is a must-have document for the children's paradise, and the time is longer Therefore, it should be applied in advance to avoid the time of opening, affecting your own investment income.

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What do you need to do with a children's park? Need to know before investing

Different regions, the procedures you need and the procedures are not different, so we should make a corresponding procedure for the needs of various documents, and can also make experience Planning, or consult a professional manufacturer, first go to the relevant department consultation, starting to handle, save a lot of time, and under the case of competition pressure, time is the guarantee for high-yield, so for investment For example, the procedures should be properly arranged, so they will win them on the starting line, not to make up for the lowest price.

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