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What is the investment cost of opening an outdoor children's paradise at this stage?

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What is the investment cost of opening an outdoor children's paradise at this stage?

Nowadays, the big changes in domestic parents will also have a lot of investors to see the playground or the broad market prospects of the children's play industry and the potential of development, and the playground has become the invested world. For an entrepreneurial investment, the most concerned issue is undoubtedly the amount of capital investment. So what is the investment of an outdoor children's paradise at this stage? Let's see how Xiaobian is analyzed.

This article contains the following

1. Playground investment can be small

2. Investment costs do not have a fixed value

3. Playground investment costs

First, playground investment can be small

For the investment in the playground, it is clear that the investment in the playground can be large, so it is the investment in the catering industry. If it is a small investment cost, a small amount of money is enough, it is enough But if you want to open a big facade, or join a big brand, naturally mean that hundreds of thousands of things is even millions of investment. The children's playground is also like this, a dozens of square meters of playground facilities are not particularly much, and tens of thousands of yuan to hundreds of thousands of yuan can build success. But if you want to build a large or medium-sized playground, the cost of the medium-sized playground is not only a few hundred thousand yuan.

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Second, the investment cost is not fixed value

It can be seen that the investment of the playground is not a fixed value, which needs to be combined to the actual situation of the investor itself, making specific project factors analysis. It is like to build a small inflatable child playground outside the community. Then the cost of the required cost is relatively low, and it may be able to build a million yuan. However, it is obvious that the inflatable playground can bring a sense of fun with the fun of children. It is the best choice to support your own investment entrepreneurial project with sufficient funds as support. Furthermore, large-scale cargo tour equipment is basically customized, and is the appropriate solution in accordance with customer capital investment. Investors are also bigger, because of capital investment, Huang Zhanglin can tell the designer's own price scheme and product output.

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Third, the investment cost of playground is determined

All in all, investing in a play project or a playground, the cost of cost is entirely in accordance with the needs of the market and its budgetary investment. Different passenger traffic, and the characteristics of the playgrounds that need to be constructed in different places have a significant difference. Playground investment costs and venue rental equipment costs. Operating budget, etc., you can't open, you want to get a general investment budget, you need to sum up your post-end operation and make a detailed plan.

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