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Where is the rainbow slide? How to design the slope?

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Where is the rainbow slide? How to design the slope?

      The colorful rainbow slide has become a good place for many people to play outdoors. It is not only safe but also very playable. It can be slipped by one person or slip with friends and colleagues. It has the best in laughter and laughter. Time, then where is the rainbow slide? In fact, with the increase of investors, there are already many rainbow slides around us. You only need to search the website to see the rainbow slides near you. Today, Xiaobian and everyone talk about the investment operators are more concerned. The topic is how does the rainbow slide design the slope?

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Where is the rainbow slide? How to design the slope?

      generalRainbow slideThe slopes are between 3 and 12 degrees, and the raised parts are strictly calculated to prevent accidents during the playing process and to place some soft material at the bottom of the rainbow slide. Usually, it is a block cotton or an inflatable balloon. In fact, for investors, these problems only need to be handed over to professional rainbow chute manufacturers. You only need to provide the data and location of the venue. Many of them are One-stop service, including the design, installation and operation of the slide, and the size and the difference of the slope can be recommended by the manufacturer's designers, but within reasonable requirements, otherwise it will be rejected, the slide The slope directly affects the sense of excitement and experience of the game, but the greater the slope, the safety risks will increase. For investors, it is reasonable to advise, and listen to the requirements of the manufacturers, after all, safety is always the most important.

In fact, the composition of the rainbow slide is relatively simple, mainly sliders, lawns, protective edges and inflatable bag equipment, etc. According to different venues, designers can come up with different design schemes, operators can follow the geographical environment often Choose from the surrounding human environment. If the crowd is mainly children, then the design of the slope can be small. Add some parent-child design, let parents and children experience together, and the safety warning signs and security personnel in the factory area. Equipment must meet the requirements, and if there is an emergency safety incident, there can be a matching plan.

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Where is the rainbow slide? How to design the slope?

      The rainbow slide has become one of the network red projects around us, so the prospect of investment is still very bright. If you happen to be well invested and have this method, you can try it.

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