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Why why dry snow slides can become a net red card?

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Why why dry snow slides can become a net red card?

WhyDrought snow slideCan become the holy land of the net, and can you appear in various scenic spots in a short time? Not just because of its high quality, there are many advantages.

First of all, don't pick the time does not pick the place, whether it is in cold winter or hot summer, you can experience the fun of high-speed sliding. For winter skiing often, this is a seamless operation of 365 days a year. After the end of the winter ski, you can lay a colorful drought slide on the slide, make up for the neutrality of the ski resort after the ski season, make up for the ski The loss caused by the venue is idle. You can build it without picking up the venue, from the city center, to the remote suburbs, and then to the scenic spots in the mountains.

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Second, the scale can be small, and the colorful widen slide is difficult to have different degrees. There are also many kinds, providing more choices for operators. From hundreds of square meters of indoor gymnasium, department store hall, small amusement park, etc., large to Wetland Park, large playground mountains, sightseeing, etc. Different dry snow slides can be built depending on the place, environmental requirements. This has also expanded the popularity of colorful rolling slides.

DroughtColorful slideThe maintenance cost is relatively low. The materials used in colorful slides are high-pronged aluminum-plastic materials, strong and durable, good toughness, and service life can reach 3-5 years. Maintenance is simple, regularly do the maintenance of the lubrication system. It can be opened to open operation, close to the ski slide stimulus, let players are here. The cost of investment is low, and the return is fast.

The simulated ski trail of the Dry Snow is a special technology, and the PVC ski pads similar to natural friction coefficient are laid in the snow, and the skiing is a true sense of snow compared with the skiing. Technical and skiing tools are the same as skiing, which is a replacement method of ski enthusiasts in non-snow season and southern cities.

The invention is not used to replace true snow, but used to make up for the innate defects of the snow. The dry snow is not eating, and can be built indoors and outdoor, and can be built in the city center and become one of the outdoor sports around the public. There are many small units that form the dry snowpex, and the bulk drought and countless needle-shaped blankets made of countless cylinders. In forming a structure, friction coefficient, safety protection, weathering, and simulation effect has improved. The dry snow project has environmental, low energy, no pollution, health, new concept, popularity, etc., in line with the direction of industrial development.

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The reason why new projects in the dry snow slide is favored by scenic spots. On the one hand, because of the stimulus, the interactive experience is strong, but more important because Dry snow is a carrier platform of outdoor casual amusement, in this weight Among the grades of the project, many outdoor experience items can be grafted, such as rock climbing, trampoline, all-tuning cars, etc., of which the dry snow is the core, which is determined by the technology and entertainment integration of ice and snow and dry snow.

The colorful slide as a branch of the dry snow slide, extends by the skiing, suitable for entertainment snowy slides. Colorful outdoor combination makes the experiencers can not only enjoy the stimulus of the snow, but also enjoy colorful color colors, look like a rainbow hanging on the hillside, let tourists produce illusion in the rainbow, attracting tourists.

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