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Wooden pile comprehensive maze outdoor playground equipment_letu non-standard amusement

[Product Name] Wood Pile Comprehensive Maze Outdoor Playground Equipment
[Product model] LT-GJ172
[Product color] picture color, custom
[Product specifications] venue customization
[Product Features] GS certification, high-end simple, wide range, long-term wear
[Product Use] Large Children's Amusement Park, Municipal Plaza, High-end hotel, Scenic Area Tourism Project, etc.
[Hotline] 15167702299
  • LT-GJ172
  • Nuutoo/非标
  • 172

Product parameters

Non-standard outdoor tourWood pile comprehensive mazeProduct parameters
product name Wood pile comprehensive maze
product brand NUUTOO / music map _ non-standard
Product color Picture color, custom
Product number LT-GJ172
Product specifications custom made
Suitable age 3+
Suitable place Large Children's Amusement Park, Municipal Plaza, High-end Hotel, Scenic Area Tourism Project, Self-Construction, Outdoor Park
product material Climbing net, 304 stainless steel, plastic engineering, high quality anti-corrosion, galvanized steel pipe
Transportation installation

Special line logistics bulk packaging, fixed shelf + cotton + soft bag full protection, no damage during transportation

Install the product, there is a professional installation master to test the installation.

Non-standard travel + amusement facilities + stainless steel slide + children's park (2)

Non-standard travel + amusement facilities + stainless steel slide + children's paradise (1)

product description

Wood Pile Maze Integrated Playground 4

Outdoor non-standard travel now is so popular, because than traditional outdoor play equipment, non-standard travel not only has the fun and gameplay of traditional equipment, but also adds a strong color structure, product design. Many outdoor non-standard products are the principles of theme, to create a comprehensive theme playground for local consumers.

Wood Pile Maze Integrated Playground 2

Outdoor non-standard amusement equipment is widely used in the current market, such as common areas: large communities, superior hotels, outdoor tourist scenic spots, municipal squares, senior kindergartens and other places.Since the completion, this outdoor playground has received nearly 100,000 tourists, children, sports enthusiasts, family gatherings, etc., everyone can feel different outdoor play here.

Wood Pile Maze Integrated Playground 1

product category

What are the most popular non-standard players?Many non-standard traveling equipment, such as: large drill network, theme modeling equipment, large crawl, trampoline, stainless steel slide, Sha pool park, jungle leap, physical expansion, etc.The non-standard traveling equipment can be divided into challenge, interactive, experience type according to the type of experience.

Non-standard landscape amusement main map + banyan combination

Challenge:Such amusement facilities are tape equipment, which is difficult to play, climb, and speed-off series of gameplay, strong stimulation.

Wood Pile Maze Integrated Playground 3

interactivetype:Such equipment is strong, the interaction between people and people is higher, and the activity venue is large, and there is no need to wear safety devices.

Wood Pile Maze Integrated Playground 6

Experience:Such devices are more small equipment, most of which is a facility that is created for children.

product price

Music Amusement Equipment Co., Ltd. is a modern enterprise with strict process production level, professional technical team, and perfect equipment in national play equipment companies. The music map creates different models of amusement equipment, the appearance innovation is beautiful, the function is superior, the high-end product quality, establishes a good sales credibility and product word of mouth, and obtains the favor of new and old users across the country.

Wood Pile Maze Integrated Playground 2

Outdoor non-standard travel product -Wood pile integrated maze projectFinished in 2017, the entire project covers an area of ​​800 square meters, including horizontal bars, labyrinth slides, crawl, partially sensory experience projects, etc., belonging to a comprehensive type of amusement.

Non-standard travel + amusement facilities + stainless steel slide + children's paradise (1)

Outdoor non-standard amusement is a novel outdoor product in recent years. It is a general name of landscape amusement, garden landscape and personalized product amusement. The type outdoor non-standard tour is very personal, regardless of animal shape. Equipment or various means of transportation can make exclusive design, and have a great difference in traditional amusement equipment. This is a custom, personality, differentiated research and creation. Outdoor non-standard amusement is not only a kind of amusement. Products are also sublimation of artistic attainments.

Non-standard travel + amusement facilities + stainless steel slide + children's park (2)

Chau Amusement Equipment Co., Ltd. provides a comprehensive service project. From one, we will lead to customer service principles, music map products are reasonable, the quality is reliable, and there is a good word of mouthful in the entire amusement industry. Welcome to find the field visit, call Consultation: 15167702299

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