Zhejiang Color Slide: Experience Fun Ski in the South

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Zhejiang Color Slide: Experience Fun Ski in the South

Natural Snow Square is limited by geographical conditions, and it is difficult to experience the fun of skiing in the southern children. Zhejiang color slide can let everyone experience the feeling of skiing. The colorful slides are far from the rainbow, like a color ribbon on the mountain, just sit in the snowy, you can experience the fun of skiing, is a very distinctive play project. Its opening has no strict requirements for the natural environment, and can be customized according to the location.

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Zhejiang Color Slide: Experience Fun Ski in the South

Ski is a sports with sports and fun, you can experience a family. We are common with a boosted park, but we cannot achieve in the south. With this colorful slide, you can meet everyone's experience of skiing, this slide is made of PP material, with good corrosion resistance and wear resistance. As long as the natural environment allows outdoor activities during operation, you can open the door to welcome visitors. The equipment of the Zhejiang color slide is very simple, it is a rainbow slide, and the snow ring. The length of the slide is designed according to the terrain conditions, which can be a hundred meters on a sufficiently long hillside, which can be a tens of meters in the playground.

ZhejiangColorful slideIt is simple to use, and visitors enter the field, sit in the snowy, hold the snow ring with hands, and then use gravity to decline from the top of the slide. There is no mechanical equipment or power equipment, and the real ski is the same, and this project is more secure, because the slope is not steep, there is also a guardrail around, and the material is safe. The width of the slide is between three meters to five meters, and the real snow field design is similar, you can meet more people together, especially suitable for a family to experience. This project can also be used for those who do not have ski experience. It does not require tourists to have professional ski knowledge and equipment, as long as they are sitting on the snow ring.

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Zhejiang Color Slide: Experience Fun Ski in the South

Zhejiang's colorful slide is a very distinctive play, especially in the south, there is such a playground in the south, which can attract a lot of tourists. Moreover, other amusement equipment can be added as the main body, and the surroundings are added to form a topic playground, which can form a scale effect to attract more tourists. Everyone can feel that this project is not complicated because it does not require a professional, as long as the staff helps visitors enter the field and teach them how to use the snow ring, the operating cost is not high.

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