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  • Is the fantastic Sky City Children's Park fun?

    The dream of scientists may be the foothold of every child's fantasy in childhood. Exploring the secrets of the stars is also a fascinating dream that children can open at the foot of the night and make a fun and interesting dream between the morning and the night. Hayao Miyazaki’s Sky City allows children’s dreams to spread in the sky and fly freely in the sky. Especially in the moonlight, the bright night sky, no child is not pregnant with beautiful thoughts. With curiosity. However, the children living in the city are bound by the rules and regulations, and the meaning of the exploration of the unknown world in the small head is urgently needed to be ignited. We hope that the children will not be restrained here, let go of the indulgence of the brain and direct the call to Captain Tom's Starlight. The white dreams will lead a rainbow, and the gleaming stars are the entrance to the park. The strip-shaped lamp strips out the stars' smashing, and the orderly doors that resemble time and space. Come here, whether it is an adult or a child

  • Outdoor play non-standard custom large crawl

    The chasing teenagers should have a place where the childhood winds of the wind and the wind are scattered. It is a playful paradise for playful paradise. It is the most true friendship. The childhood of happiness should belong to mountains, rivers, stars, and the sea. Don't let bright springs bury in steel, cement, homework, and tutoring. Put all the spring into a childhood and turn all the days of laughter and laughter into eternal and warm springs. Excuse me, what are you waiting for when you have to sing your memories into a song for you to enjoy the spring breeze? . Contact: Manager Chen Tel: 18057703651

  • What is the unpowered amusement equipment, and what are the types?

    Outdoor sports and unpowered rides were first popular in Europe and the United States. As the quality of life and health needs of Chinese people became higher and higher, the way of life and entertainment gradually changed. In recent years, in the context of the rapid development of the Chinese travel industry, unpowered rides play an increasingly important role in various fields of theme parks, scenic spots, commercial and real estate. Unpowered play equipment has a very positive effect on improving physical fitness and intellectual development. While enjoying the colorful amusement and entertainment equipment, if we can GET some safe and small skills, it will greatly enhance our entertainment experience and have fun to have fun. The following is a small series of popular science classes: Unpowered amusement equipment can be divided into challenge, interactive and experience based on the type of experience. 1. Challenge type: ▲ "Airwalk" high-altitude ropes to challenge such amusement facilities as seat belt equipment, obstacle crossing, climbing, downhill, etc.

  • What are the new non-standard rides for indoor and outdoor large playgrounds?

    Children's playgrounds, faced with the current children's products market, are attracting more and more entrepreneurial investors because of their low risk, controllability, quick results, and rewarding features. However, many people have such questions, how much does it cost to invest in a children's park? What material is the play equipment made of? Today we will talk about the material and basic maintenance of the amusement equipment! Of course, the price of different materials is of course different!


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