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Kindergarten combination slide

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  • What is the price of the outdoor combination slide investment? How to control the cost?

    What is the price of the outdoor combination slide investment? How to control the cost? The focus on large outdoor combination slides now is getting higher and higher, but more investors are still profitable. This is because the purpose of investors is always making money, and it is not paid to profitability. However, the current outdoor play market is quite fierce, and many investors have caused financial losses in operations because of indeed related experience skills. For this situation, investors must learn to scientifically control budget.

  • How to choose kindergarten combination slide

    Combination slides are a comprehensive sports instrument, and children must work hard to climb to the slide. Complete this process, children need firm will and self-confidence, which helps to cultivate their brave spirit. Not only that, but the combination slide can also exercise your child's body coordination. There are a lot of benefits of the combination slide, what kind of combination slide can let the children fall in love with the slide?

  • What should I pay attention to using a child slide?

    When using it, children must queue in order, don't crowd, don't fight. When the ladder is under the ladder, the feet are parallel, the body is slightly behind, and the hands support the bars on both sides of the slide, slowly fall, when they have not reached the end, when they stand, the children don't slip. To avoid physical collisions, causing physical damage. What should I pay attention to using a child combination slide? The following is a wrong gameplay, please pay attention: 1, the body reversal decline, with the chest fell to the front of the slide, easy to rub the face and the ground when reaching the end point, causing face damage, severe people may cause a disfigured. This is one of the strict prohibited error playing methods. 2, double knee, this slippery method is in use, the kindergarten slide made from knee and plastic produces serious friction, when the knee can't stand, it is easy to fall on the way, fell directly to the ground The result is unimaginable. Such mistake

  • How much is the kindergarten combination slide?

    Slides furnished in kindergartens can not only increase the strong child atmosphere of kindergarten, but also different kindergarten functional slides can enhance their physical quality and cultivate children's capabilities. The combination slide has become one of the essential amusement projects in kindergarten. Basically, there will be one to two fixed combined slides in every kindergarten. So, how much is the kindergarten combination slide?

  • What is the interactive projection child slide? New era technology product

    Interactive projection children's slide, new era technology products now play the equipment in the playground, is also constantly updating, no longer limited to the traditional slide of the past. In fact, the slide is the most basic equipment in the playground, but the general slide, the children may be greasy now. At this time, there was an interactive projection child slide, a new type of play equipment, and many people didn't know much about him.

  • How does children slide for class? Is it big for the growth of the child?

    How does children slide for class? Is it big for the growth of the child? Slide is a very common amusement equipment, simply, put on the ladder on the shelf, and the other side grabs the smooth skateboard, let the child slip down from the skateboard. This is a simple sliding process. The category of children's slides can generally be divided into the following aspects: First, by size, it can be divided into large, medium, small.

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