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Naughty castle

These are related to the Naughty castle news, in which you can learn about the latest trends in Naughty castle and related information industry, to help you better understand and expand Naughty castle market.
  • Unpowered rides combined slide safety standard knowledge - 2

    Following the previous section, we continue to share the safety common sense of unpowered rides. 6. Unpowered rides must strengthen the child's fall protection measures: the fence must be provided when the standing surface exceeds the play plane by 600mm. At least 700mm from the surface of the platform, stairs or slopes to the top of the fence. The fence should not have horizontal or nearly horizontal crosspieces except the top, and children will try to use these crosspieces as climbing steps. The design at the top of the fence does not allow the child to stand or sit on it, nor can it have any spaces that encourage climbing.

  • Letu non-standard amusement - how should the amusement equipment be cleaned and maintained?

    If the amusement equipment wants to extend its service life, daily cleaning and maintenance is essential. So, do you know how to maintain the amusement equipment? Is there any small flaws in it? Let's take a look at the analysis of the maintenance skills of the inventory equipment for you. Let's take a look! Contact: Lin Manager Hotline: 18057732525

  • Up posture! What part of the Naughty Fort of the Children's Park?

        The Children's Paradise Naughty Castle Playground consists of several parts. The children's playground is characterized by content and image cartoons, dreams, magic, with strong interest, interactivity, knowledge, and many facilities and projects such as electronics and mobility. Sex games. The characteristics of the set project are fantastic and full of imagination, and the content should also include interesting, interactive and intellectual aspects. It can make full use of the changed terrain treatment and enrich the plant landscape to create an ecological and natural playground environment for children's playgrounds. Then how to open a 300 square meter children's paradise section? The designers of Leto Group can help you design for free. Contact: Lin Manager Contact Phone 18057732525

  • The square train rides have become one of the most popular projects in the amusement industry.

    GRAND PARK, Los Angeles, California Design and Design Unit: Rchstudios Country: US work Address: Los Angeles, California Team: Tony Paradowski, John Fishback and Chris Torres Children aged 5 to 12 can dream of a forest in the Grand Park playground Playing in the middle. The center of the 325-square-meter (3,500-square-foot) area is a special 6-meter (20-foot) tree house with slides on both sides and climbing equipment built from Brazilian durable ant wood. Its bright lime-green color reminds people of the canopy. The "forest land" of the playground is a soft play surface with leaves of various colors. The design will make the children feel like playing on a pile of fallen leaves. There are 7 different hills on the ground, each of which is 1

  • Children's indoor park Cangzhou Feihong outdoor large trampoline park

         The site is on an open, large grass field, and the trampoline equipment has an area of ​​500 square meters and the space is large enough. There are more than 60 ordinary trampolines in the venue, including sponge area, free jumping area, professional trampoline area, dodgeball area, slam dunk area, ninja space, and seven sports boards, such as the ball room. Both adults and children can play. Come and play! The color of the colorful soft bag in the pavilion and the green grass outside the museum are bright and vibrant. The wall is made of wood material, which makes people closer to nature and brings a warm and warm feeling!

  • Le Tu indoor children's paradise large trampoline park Chongqing joyful case

    Happy Trampoline Park is located in Chongqing Banan Happy Trampoline Hall (9 km from Orbital Line 3, near Liyuan Town, Liyuan). The trampoline hall covers an area of ​​2,000 square meters and is currently the largest trampoline in Chongqing.

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